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Organisational case studies:

Pactuco is a French plastics moldings manufacturer. This chapter (from a book pre-release) shows how insurgent Chinese manufacturers have begun to disrupt its core market, forcing it to consider new competitive positions. Pete Thomond helps Pactuco leaders use the Portfolio Management tool to identify a disruptive response.


The Insight Centre consultancy:

'Given the slightest opportunity, I will have you back in a flash'.
Ron Enoch, Business Manager: Defense, Cosalt International Limited.

'Again can I reiterate my compliments regarding the content and presentation of your findings with regard to our business..'
Winston Phillips, Managing Director, Cosalt International Limited.


The Insight Centre Innovation Workshops:

‘I was impressed by the efficacy of the system on the real problem. John was fired off on totally radical lines..... I am thinking about using Altshuller’s table as a kick-off for my next brainstorm, just to see the reaction of the team and whether it stimulates a better result (we have a core brainstorm team that are becoming "set in their ways!). I enjoyed the course.....’
Chris Treise MCMI, Constraints Engineer, Project Supply Co-ordination, Cooper-Standard Automotive Limited.

'Thanks for your seminar on disruptive innovation… our participants rated it one of the best in the whole 12 month course – thought-provoking and highly applicable… let’s get some dates so you can deliver it again.'
Gill Targett-Adams, Director of the GENUS Business Leader Development Programme, Exemplas.

'The Insight Centre course approach was imaginative and delivered in such a way as to build on the skills we already had rather than to dismiss what had gone before. It gave us a new perspective on ideas and technical problem solving. We are now looking forward to learning about and trying out TRIZ related to business and management issues, as our confidence grows through the support we have had from the Insight Centre.'
John Tregaskes, Technical Services Manager, Business Link Devon & Cornwall.

'Dr. Thomond is an enthusiastic and lively speaker who provided our LSE summer school course with an engaging presentation on 'Disruptive Innovations'. By combining both a theoretical background and actual company examples, Dr. Thomond illustrated the complexities as well as rewards disruptive innovations have for existing companies.'
Dr. Ruta Aidis, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship and Management Summer School Course, London School of Economics

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