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A 'Disruptive Innovation' is a successfully exploited product, service or business model that threatens established businesses. It also has the potential to significantly transform the demands and needs of mainstream markets (explain more).

A number of tools to help business have been developed under a 3 million Euro EU project. Pete Thomond who coordinated the British involvement (until the project finished in August 2004), is part of our team. One tool is the "Disruptive Portfolio Management (DPM)" tool. It aids senior managers to better manage their decision making process for research and development. In particular, it focuses upon enabling them to assess and capitalise upon the threats and opportunities of disruptive innovation.

The diagram above, shows an analysis of a typical (and actual) company's innovation being restricted to a path of incrementalism, rather than having a balanced innovation portfolio.

Other tools allow technical/management teams to assess there own products for disruptive innovation vulnerability or to examine competitor weaknesses for disruptive innovation opportunities. The photographs shows a team workshop in progress, using a number of the tools.

The Insight Centre will take your teams through these tools and processes for your competitive or service benefit.

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