r e s o u r c e s

o v e r v i e w i n g

'Overviewing' techniques are used to gain a comprehensive insight into all aspects of any challenge or issue. One technique that has been used successfully by us; we call 'the Circle'.

The Circle
The Circle has its origin's in the Wisdom Circle of the North American Indians. In essence, wisdom on a problem or issue was gained by looking at eight different aspects of that issue or problem. When all the aspects were brought together before the tribe, a comprehensive understanding was gained.

This process can be used with facilitation as a as a problem solving/ creative potential/ group facilitation tool on a range of challenges from technical to organisational.

Introducing the process.

The completed Circle. Each group presents their 'findings' to the whole group in a facilitated and systematised manner.

Depending on the issue, a number of different processes can then be used e.g., SWOT, scenario planning etc., to synthesis the findings and then focus the group on the key 'issues', before developing agreed practical outcomes and strategy.


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