r e s o u r c e s

p r o b l e m  s o l v i n g


The (team) problem solving process, is a guided method of increasing and decreasing the 'problem/solution space'.

Formally it can look like this:

  • Mind storming
  • Define the problem clearly
  • Analyse the problem
  • Collect data
  • Interpret the data
  • Generate possible solutions
  • Agree the best solutions
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Present solutions
  • Implement solutions
  • Monitor and evaluate results

There are too many different techniques available to mention here, to aid at each stage of the process. Calling on our expertise is recommended.



CREAX Creativity & innovation portal: http://www.creax.net/#

Nesta: Invention & innovation: http://www.nesta.org.uk/howtoapply/inventorshandbook/intro_20_great_ways.htm


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